Blogs Have Changed My Life

I had enough with the feeling of being so overwhelmed by emotion. Angry all the time or either so sad at times, there was rarely a time I wasn’t in a mood. Very rare if I was happy. It never lasted long because I would obsess about things I couldn’t control and make myself so upset I’d be short-fused, and standoffish with the ones around me. A trait I continued to carry with me throughout my life. Until I came across blogs, and Self-esteem boosting books that helped me to realize I am not alone in this, and that it’s normal, however not entirely a healthy way to live and I needed to change.
I realized this last year just a few months before the new year 2020.
Lost my way a little again but I’m back now more motivated and more inspired to be better than ever before we’ve got this, Consistency is key!
Right now I’ve been doing a lot of reading and researching tips on staying consistent and motivated for my blog, having a few ideas in the works I’m still moderately new to the writing world I hope you can bare me, and enjoy the journey with me. I hope to create an atmosphere of Peace, Motivation, and a sense of knowing you aren’t alone.
Blogging has taught me to be more open minded and compassionate to not only others but most importantly to myself.
I come first, and this is my therapy.
My happiness, my mental health is what’s most important right now, and if writing for my blog helps then who cares if anyone reads it. I am a goddamn Lifestyle Blogger/Travel Blogger!

Quote I found on Pintrest.
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2 responses to “Blogs Have Changed My Life”

  1. Love the way you wrote it… short and simple! It’s nice that you express your feelings here and really don’t care much about the audience and stuff!! Keep It Up! ;):)

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    1. Thank you so much!
      I appreciate your kind words ❤

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