What Emotional Abuse Looks Like

Emotion abuse is the most common form of abuse in most people/families, right next to verbal abuse. Although it’s not as harsh as physical abuse (being hit slapped or beaten), it is equally just as harmful and traumatizing to experience. What makes things worse is the abuser most likely isn’t aware of the damage being done. Which then only results to situations escalating into something that can’t be taken back or forgiven.

Examples of Emotional Abuse

  • The silent treatment.
  • Refusing to accept responsibility for actions.
  • Manipulating to get what you want.
  • Pushing someone to question their sanity.
  • Leading someone to believe something is their fault when it’s not.
  • Using shame to make a person feel bad.
  • Indifference when someone appears hurt, sad or upset.
  • Ignoring someone when they express deep feelings.
  • Ridiculing a person for vulnerability.

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