Hello.., Again

It’s been too long!

I’ve missed this side of myself. I constantly feel the urge to write or post, but always seem to talk myself out of it.

I travel a bit for work, and when I have down time just sitting in the hotel room, writing always crosses my mind.

Then fear takes over.

“what would I even write about?”

“what if someone looks over my shoulder and laughs at me over what i’m writing?”

“what if I don’t get any views? I probably won’t anyways, I should just go to bed for work tomorrow.”

Creating excuses for myself on why I shouldn’t do what I want to do.

Fear has lead in my life for years, and I’ve never noticed it until it came to my blog.

Writing is my release, it’s like my escape from my head and thoughts so when I wasn’t having that release on top of being trapped in a hotel room just to go to work and back to bed to repeat over again the next day, I kind of went insane.

Not literally insane, but I feel an enormous weight on my chest. Anxiety is through the roof so here I am, AGAIN.

Writing, releasing, finding myself again.

I’ve missed this so much and I want to overcome this fear inside of me. I want to live life fully everyday without my overthinking holding me back.

It feels good to be back!


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