Daily Prompt Question: What principles define how you live?

This post was inspire by my Daily Prompt Question.

What principles define how you live?

  1. Love More.
    Love everything and everyone, and do it unconditionally. Especially yourself!
  2. Be Mindful.
    Keep in mind just how grateful you are for everything around you and everything you do.
  3. Live in the present.
    Dwelling on the past, keeps you in the past. You can never grow and move forward in life or have a healthy mindset if you are stuck in the past. Focus on now!
  4. Self-Care is Health-Care.
    Hygiene is very important. Brush your teeth, take a shower, wash your face every night, and MOISTURIZE YOUR BODY!
  5. Choose Happiness.
    Every morning is a new start. Begin the day with happy thoughts and reasons why you should be happy today.
  6. Forgive and let go.
    Holding in built up anger can cause MAJOR health issues. It’s extremely crucial for your health to learn how to forgive others and yourself most importantly, in order to live a peaceful life.
  7. Be Kind.
    Of course its important to be nice to those around you, but its even more serious to be kind to ourselves and your minds. Self talk has a huge impact on your mental health and development. When we are kind and at peace within ourselves it is much easier to give kindness to those who need it most.
    Most angry people are just hurting inside.
  8. Drink More Water!
    I am bad at drinking water.. It is not my favorite. Still, it has TONS of health benefits following with even more risks if you don’t drink water. It even helps with having healthy clear skin, as well as taking care of your body and mind.
  9. Avoid any negativity.
    If your anything like me, your very influenced by the energizers around you. If someone is obviously having a tough day and all they do is complain. Your first obviously going to try and help them out of their rut, right? But.. If nothing is works I’m doomed to negativity along side with them. I match energies in the room, so its okay to walk away if your not feeling the vibe of those around you. Trust your gut!
  10. No time for laziness.
    Stop being lazy!
    Its too easy to sit around all day and do nothing productive. For me though, doing so only increases my anxiety due to my internal list of
    things to do growing by the second. I need to quit procrastinating, get up and move!

I feel that everyone has principles almost identical, but the issue is keeping these in mind to continue to be the best person you could possibly be.

I hope you enjoyed todays post. I’ll see you tomorrow with another!

Please, feel free to write your thoughts on the prompt. What principles define how you live?

Leave a comment or email your response to: barelyablog1@gmail.com

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