Tips for taking that first step

Tips for taking that first step


Lately, I’ve been struggling with consistency.

It’s hard for me to get into a routine that I desperately need, and when I’ve failed to do the things I wanted. I notice myself start to get overwhelmed, and anxious. I start to lose patience with things and the people around me.

A while ago I bought a mental health magazine that I’ve just got around to reading, and it has a lot of good tips and tricks on ways to understand and correct unwanted feelings and emotions.

Along this journey, they talk about how rewarding it can be to analyzing yourself, asking yourself questions, and giving yourself time to think of what you TRULY want. Write down your response so you can see what your intentions are.

So let’s try this!

  • Acknowledge the change: What is it about your job/life that you want to change?  Why does it feel important that you need to do it sooner rather than later?
  • Make concrete plans: Think about concrete, achievable objectives you can start working toward to achieve that change.
  • Look at the facts: When you’re overthinking, breathe and stick to the facts. Try not to let your emotions take over.
  • Remember who you are: You’re not the voice you might sometimes hear in your head telling you that “you can’t do it” or ” you’re not good enough.” Challenge that voice every time it speaks.
  • Look back, but not with regret: While moving forward in life only look back to see how far you’ve come and congratulate yourself up if things don’t work out-circumstances change there are myriad versions of success.

Hopefully this will help!


Your trauma is valid

Your trauma is valid

No matter what ANYONE says,

Your trauma is still valid even if:

  • You never told anyone
  • You can’t remember all of it
  • It happened a long time ago
  • People didn’t believe you
  • You are feeling better now
  • It didn’t develop into PTSD
  • Your life wasn’t threatened
  • You know people who have been through “worse”
  • You didn’t realize it was a traumatic until later on

You never know what others could be going through.
YOU are never alone!

Using our senses can help reduce your stress, anxiety, and depression

Using our senses can help reduce your stress, anxiety, and depression

Did you know that using your 5 senses can help boost your mood?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Stressed?

Does everyday feel like another day wasted to bad vibes?

If your feeling fed up and looking for new perspective in life try these out:


Seek out scent.

Everyone has that one smell that can transform them back in time to when they were little, or perhaps even a scent that smells like vacation, smelling a favorite flower, the air after raining in spring. Anything you can think of that brings you home inside your mind. Seek out a scent that will help to clear your cloudy mind. (aromatherapy)


Take a cold shower

There are so many studies out there that can prove how good a cold shower every-now-and-then can be for your mental health and physical health. Taking a cold shower for up to 5 minutes, 2 to 3 times per week helps:

  • Increase endorphins
  • Improves metabolism
  • Improves circulation of blood flow
  • Helps fight off illness

Embrace the weather

Get some sun.

The lack of sunlight can affect your mood. So get up, put some sunscreen on and let your skin glow!

Rainy day? No problem

Rain can calm your mind and relax your body. Cuddle up with a book, journal, or a good movie. Let the rain act as white noise in the background, and reflect on your blessings. Feel your shoulders lighten up as you meditate to the sound of the rain.


Hug your friends, family, spouse, children, don’t forget about your pets too! The embrace of someone else is always calming.


Stop and listen

Communication is always good on your mental. Talk to somebody who will listen, get things out of your head and off your chest.

Listening to music that matches your mood always does the trick. Music induces relaxation. It makes you move, even if it’s just tapping your foot.


Look for reasons to be happy

Find some old pictures that might bring back good memories. Remember how you felt when this picture was being taken, what was going on?

Go for a walk and think about how lucky we are to be on this earth.
Pick a spot somewhere and allow yourself to daydream.

People watch.
No judgement, no thoughts just mindless watching.
( You can do this with animals and nature too!)


Cook with mindfulness

When you prepare your meals, bring awareness to how it got here.

Be thankful for the farmer that took the time to care and grow something that will fill your body with health and energy.
Think about others in areas who aren’t fortunate enough to have home cooked meals everyday.

Movement, relaxing, eating, and touching are essential in human experiences. We all do these things without thinking about it, but what if we bring out attention to how this affects our minds and bodies in incredible ways. Instead, let’s all be more mindful of how senses can bring us joy in life and repeat!

Recognizing Stress In Yourself

Recognizing Stress In Yourself

Thinking Symptoms

  • Constant worry
  • Forgetfulness, feeling “scatterbrained”
  • Difficulty making decisions, second guessing yourself
  • Unable to concentrate on a task
  • Lost your sense of humor.

The overthinking brain cannot translate these thoughts into actions or positive outcomes, so therefore creates feelings of stress and anxiety. The brain triggers the “fight or flight” mode.

Emotional Symptoms

  • Anxiety
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling powerless
  • Frequent mood swings such as:
    1. Anger
    2. Frustration
    3. Sadness
    4. Nervousness
    5. Irritability
    6. Insecure

Emotional stress involves the experience of negative affects.

Physical Symptoms

  • Racing heart
  • Headaches
  • Exhaustion
  • Upset stomach
  • Muscle tension
  • Not feeling like yourself

Stress can cause physical pain in your body if it’s not taken care of properly.

Please! Go check out my posts about ways to recover from stress and anxiety.
Even if it’s just the monday blues.

Take care of you!


Sources: Pinterest-

How To: Do The Work

How To: Do The Work

Today’s the day,
Today we begin the long hard journey to discovering YOU!

This is what
”Doing the work”
Looks like:

  • Create clear boundaries
  • Be aware of energy you bring to any situation.
  • Understand the ways of coping that have protected you in the past may no longer serve you now. (You’ve grown & changed)
  • Bring awareness to your behavior patterns, responses, triggers, Etc. Validate those feeling and replace them with new healthy ones.
  • Journaling! A beautiful way to get to know yourself and see your growth and progress.
  • DO NOT BLAME when your reacting to an emotion or feeling. Take a moment, a few deep breaths, and figure out why you are having that response.
  • Always have accountability!
  • Allowing your trauma to be apart of you but not define you. Learn and grow from your trauma.
  • Be kind and compassionate to your inner child. Positive self encouragement and self love spreads peace to everyone around you.

Hope you enjoy!

Have a beautiful day.

STOP & Correct Unwanted Emotions

STOP & Correct Unwanted Emotions

This post was inspired by a pin on Pinterest created by: Natalie Brite

Recently I came across a post with very interesting ideas on ways to learn from and correct the unwanted negative emotions we all sometimes feel. Almost every self-help book I’ve read so far talks about how it’s important to replace your intrusive thoughts with a positive one, but none of these books actually tell me how to..

I’m hoping this will help to put a more visual picture on how to process the emotions and correct them in a more positive & non-judge mental way.

When I Feel:







Not Enough

I Will:

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths and bring attention to what I’m judging my worth on.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths and focus on things that make me feel fulfilled.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths and work through weather it’s valid or just ego.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths and search for the trigger and reason why it triggered me.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths, notice what is luring me away from the present, and bring attention back to the now.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths and bring attention to how I can fully accept and see myself.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths & call in a new perspective that allows me to see all the abundance within and around me now.

Replacing a negative thought with a positive will always be easier said than done but I hope that putting a little more detail behind how to react accordingly helps out.

Thank you for reading.
Enjoy today, Have a blessed week!

-Brittany 🌻❤️

Things To Do Before 8 am

Things To Do Before 8 am

Get up and out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off.

Fight the urge to hit the snooze button. DO NOT DO IT! 5 minutes extra is not worth it. At least not when there is a fresh beautiful day ahead.

Drink a glass of water

After a long night of sleep, it’s good to hydrate your body, especially before all the caffeine. Some of us still do require our coffee and soda you won’t like us without it, it’s essential, but first, A glass of water to start the day off in a healthy way.

It includes many benefits such as:

Hydrates your body immediatelyHelps to fuel your brain
Fights sicknessJump-start in your metabolism

Mindfully make a cup of coffee

Make a cup of coffee and think of things to be grateful for, think about positive elements in your life that your thankful for, or qualities you have you like about yourself. Be in the moment while you make coffee. Drinking it will be like a happiness potion. EVEN MORE than coffee already is, like magic. Talking positively to your coffee will make it taste better! Try it!

Write down what you appreciate

Use this time to write your wondering mind on paper. Get things out that have been bothering you, clear the air, help kick start the day towards a fresh start. Write out your gratitude’s, write out your blessings number them it helps to feel even more full, to see the number of positive things in your life.

Write down your top 3 goals to achieve today

Write out the goals that you want to be done by the end of the day. Visualizing your goals is good for staying on track for the remainder of the day.

Meditate for 10-30 minutes

Tune into your mind, body, and breathe. Find your true peace. Clear your head, understand your thoughts, Let your worries go, and be excited for the fresh start today.

Do some light yoga or simple stretches

Yoga can be another form of meditation. The only difference being, stretching is meditation for not just your mind but muscles, joints, and bones. Start stretching now your older self will thank you.

Here’s a website I use for stretching:

Shower & dress for the day

Get freshened up and ready to face to day with a positive attitude!
When you look good, you feel good it’s a proven fact.

Have You Experienced Trauma Before?

Have You Experienced Trauma Before?

What is trauma?

Trauma is the response to an overwhelmingly negative event that can cause people to lose their sense of self and values.

Google Definition.

a deeply distressing/disturbing experience,
Emotional shock following a stressful event or physical injury.

Experiences with trauma, you may have:

  • Kept Secrets
  • Grown-up too fast
  • Been mature for your age
  • Learned how to sense danger
  • Engaging in self-destructive behavior
  • Not trusted people
  • Learned to pretend that you are okay when you weren’t
  • Put your feelings aside because you need to focus on surviving.
  • Experienced emotional outbursts

What Emotional Abuse Looks Like

What Emotional Abuse Looks Like

Emotion abuse is the most common form of abuse in most people/families, right next to verbal abuse. Although it’s not as harsh as physical abuse (being hit slapped or beaten), it is equally just as harmful and traumatizing to experience. What makes things worse is the abuser most likely isn’t aware of the damage being done. Which then only results to situations escalating into something that can’t be taken back or forgiven.

Examples of Emotional Abuse

  • The silent treatment.
  • Refusing to accept responsibility for actions.
  • Manipulating to get what you want.
  • Pushing someone to question their sanity.
  • Leading someone to believe something is their fault when it’s not.
  • Using shame to make a person feel bad.
  • Indifference when someone appears hurt, sad or upset.
  • Ignoring someone when they express deep feelings.
  • Ridiculing a person for vulnerability.