The little things

  • The sound of rain
  • fresh sheets
  • listening to a song that brings you back to another time
  • being appreciated
  • accomplishing what you worked hard for
  • hugs
  • spending time with friends/family
  • laughing until you cry
  • trips to the beach
  • naps
  • dogs
  • moving your feet to a cool spot on the sheets
  • going out to breakfast
  • sunrises & sunsets
  • sleeping in after a long week
  • sounds of the birds in the morning
  • bike rides
  • swimming on a hot summer day
  • sun on a cold day
  • waking up healthy every morning

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday!

Goood Morning!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far.
Hope today treats you well.

Last week was a tough one at work. We worked TONS of overtime which i’m very blessed for always, but I’m tired lol!

My boyfriend and I drove home for the weekend. Thankfully we are working close enough we get to do so.

I’m glad we did though, I needed this. 🥰

The cozy vibes from being home is a feeling like no other.

My favorite thing is opening all the windows in the house early in the morning. one- to watch the sunset and two- watching the natural sunlight come into my home. 😍 Euphoric vibes. I’m so hypnotized by nature.

I’m so blessed and grateful in this life.

I love when I get consumed in my gratitudes.

How was your week and how are you relaxing?

Let me know in the comments!
I hope you have a great day.


Letter to myself

Letter to myself

You’ve been way to hard on yourself for a really long time.

We are already everything we want to be and more!

Just look at everything we’ve accomplished in the past few years!
You have made a beautiful, creative, fun life for yourself.

All you need to do now is enjoy it.

STOP with the overthinking, over analyzing.

You have nothing to be afraid of

You know how strong you are.

We can get through anything

and it will get rough at times.

Those things happen, and that’s okay.

Really.., It’ll be okay.

It might not feel like it’ll ever end.

But those thoughts you get aren’t always true

and the feelings you feel are temporary.

They will pass.

Please know that you are loved.

And please know you need to love you for who you are inside and out.

Nobody else can feel exactly what you feel.

Be the person you need for yourself.

Be gentle to yourself.

You are amazing! You know that.

You just need a reminder to water your flowers.

Back to work

Back to work

As the holidays come to an end, I’m sure I can’t be the only one who has to go back to work here soon. I had a lovely time off, It’s always good to be home. I’ve been trying to stay moving. So that going wouldn’t physically hurt too bad. I’ve gotten better at my yoga! Proud of me for that. I have been getting more social with communities that are full of kind, inspiring people. I joined a book club and a Just Dance 30-day challenge! Things to keep me going while I travel for work this year. My work schedule is FULL, and that fact overwhelms me. Because this year, I wanted to focus on myself (and I still will.)

Sometimes it’s hard to stay humble, mindful, positive when everyone around you is disgustingly unhappy every single day. But this time around feels different. I feel more grounded and in-tune with my intentions on what I will give my energy into and what I will not. This year I will not lose myself in this job.

I hope 2022 has been treating you well so far.

Best wishes to come.


Ready to try again?

Ready to try again?


Today I wanted to share a page from a magazine I love to read called “Breathe: Mental Health.”
It’s about being stuck in the overthinking cycle. And, offers some tips on how to give acceptance to second chances in yourself.
Failure is hard for some people. When we, fail we automatically put ourselves down for messing up then we never want to try again because of the experience that came with failure in the past.
This article inspired me to keep going, even if it isn’t what I expected.
Let me know what you think.

If you’re stuck in a frustrating loop with yourself and not sure how to move forward, here’s a three-point guide to giving or accepting a second chance

  1. It’s important to know that everyone sees situations through their own lens of the world.
    How could you try to consider things from the other person’s perspective? Ask yourself: “What could I be missing or not seeing right now? If I believe they’re doing the best they can, how would that change things?”
  2. The brain is wired to keep us safe. This means that a lot of the time people react from a place of fear and worry without realizing it. Deep down, they’re thinking: “What if I mess this up? What will they think of me? What if I fail?” To get out of this cycle, ask yourself: “What’s this really about?” And, the most popular question: “If I were to respond from a place of love, what would that look like?”
  3. Finally, check whether you’re offering this second chance for the right reasons. This means knowing yourself and your needs. What’s most important to you? Are you worried about what others will think or are you doing this because it really matters to you? If you’re trapped in that worry, or feeling like it’s a burden, then you might be stuck in your own fears. What is it you’re most afraid of? What could you do to remind yourself that you deserve this and you’re worthy? Also, if this is a fresh start that’s been granted, what’s the big lesson you’re taking away and how will you do things differently this time?

This page resonates with me when I struggle to explore my social anxiety. When I get, embarrassed I tend to close off who I am to protect myself. I’ll correct my personality to please the other person(s). Which, in the end, only makes me unhappy with who I am because of fear of not being accepted. It’s is something that keeps me from going outside because I don’t want to deal with people.

These questions help keep me grounded with my true self and in tune with my intentions with others. I’m not here to please everyone.
My mantra I’ve been using lately.—> “People aren’t going to like you. They don’t even like themselves.”

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.
Thank you for being here.


Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays to everyone.
I hope y’all are healthy, happy, and have your bellies full of good food.

Merry Christmas! to those that celebrate.
I hope everyone is enjoying the company of yourselves and our loved ones this holiday season.

We had a beautiful time this year with our families. Edward and I, It’s always good to see everyone.

This Christmas has been especially good to me and mine.

We’ve been blessed with a good stable job for the next few years to come$$$.
All my relationships with everyone around me are thriving.
The LOML and I got each other new desks for our offices at home, and we are obsessed with them!

2022 will be a year full of even more blessings to come!

I wish you all many blessings and Happy Holidays.
Merry Christmas!


How are you doing? Oh, me?

Hi y’all.

It’s been a while again… I’m sorry.

How are you doing? I’m genuinely asking.

Also while I have you, can I ask:

If I was a streamer would you come watch me play video games/hang out with me?

Before I get into my life lately, I wanna say now, I’m doing great. I’m just going through it with this emotional rollercoaster.

It’s me, I’m the emotional roller coaster. Hear me out though, I think it has everything to do with me on my own journey to finding and loving myself.

I’ve been correcting things in my life that have shed light on areas I want to work on.

A HUGE part of this process is taking risks when it comes to being my true self. I hold back a lot because I’m nervous what others will think of me.

I’m learning to embrace my personality, and love me for everything I am.

I happen to think I’m funny- others think I’m weird…, but WHO cares!! I’m happily me.

Ultimately, I’m slowly trying to get out of my shell which is why I was wondering if any of you would watch my stream if I ever got the guts to go live!

Being a streamer would be an amazing dream come true, but in order to do that, I’d have to actually do it first… scary.

I know I’d be great and I try to be positive. Even if no one watched, I’d still really enjoy it.

First I need a camera.. I have lots of work to do. (Excuses) Ahhhh anxiety.

Anyways! I hope you all are doing well, and have wonderful days to come.

Happy Holidays!!


-Brittany 🌻❤️

Sorry, sorry, I’m sorry

I missed this Mondays affirmations of the week!

I do apologize.

I’m currently in Chicago and loving this cold fall weather, it also rained all weekend so when Monday came around I was hibernating.

I’ve been addicted to animal crossings on my Nintendo switch as well, trying to get ready for the new update!

Cozy vibes all around and I’m loving it.

It’s also very needed for me to relax and unwind.

With that said…

You probably won’t get very much out of me in the next couple weeks. I have one post in mind coming up, but other than that I’ve been working on my game LOL!

Still I wanted to come in and say hi 👋

Welcome to all my new followers thank you!

Happy Halloween 🎃

Everyone be safe! Have fun.



25 things to do instead of sitting on the couch!

25 things to do instead of sitting on the couch!

Hey you,

Let’s be productive today!

In 5 – 10 Minutes

  • Mediate
  • Make a gratitude list
  • Stretch
  • Have a dance party (DO IT by yourself)
  • Send a voice message to a loved one
  • Enjoy a hot drink with no distractions
  • Journal
  • Unsubscribe from annoying mail
  • Read an informative article
  • Learn a word in a new language

In 15 – 20 Minutes

  • Read a good book
  • Declutter a drawer
  • Write a letter to a friend or loved one
  • Draw or Paint
  • Revamp your socials
  • Exercise
  • Call someone special
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Take a long bath

In 1 Hour+

  • Take an online course
  • Bake or Cook something new
  • Make a vision board
  • Have a spring clean
  • Play a video game/board game