STOP & Correct Unwanted Emotions

STOP & Correct Unwanted Emotions

This post was inspired by a pin on Pinterest created by: Natalie Brite

Recently I came across a post with very interesting ideas on ways to learn from and correct the unwanted negative emotions we all sometimes feel. Almost every self-help book I’ve read so far talks about how it’s important to replace your intrusive thoughts with a positive one, but none of these books actually tell me how to..

I’m hoping this will help to put a more visual picture on how to process the emotions and correct them in a more positive & non-judge mental way.

When I Feel:







Not Enough

I Will:

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths and bring attention to what I’m judging my worth on.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths and focus on things that make me feel fulfilled.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths and work through weather it’s valid or just ego.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths and search for the trigger and reason why it triggered me.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths, notice what is luring me away from the present, and bring attention back to the now.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths and bring attention to how I can fully accept and see myself.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths & call in a new perspective that allows me to see all the abundance within and around me now.

Replacing a negative thought with a positive will always be easier said than done but I hope that putting a little more detail behind how to react accordingly helps out.

Thank you for reading.
Enjoy today, Have a blessed week!

-Brittany 🌻❤️

Goodbye Balloon

Goodbye Balloon

Yesterday something caught me eye and I couldn’t help but to write about it.

I live right across the street from a courthouse. I see all kinds of crazy’s walking by, angry people yelling, there’re are a few bars down the block, so usually the courthouse parking lot is free parking on the weekends. I see all kinds of characters, but yesterday was different.

I never seen a single person though I happened to turn to look out my window at the perfect moment.

Someone had released a balloon. 🎈
It was rainbow colored and shaped like a heart. It didn’t have any writing that I could see on it but I did notice something small like a little box was attached to the end of the balloons string.

My first thought was that something valuable could be in the small box attached to the string that is now swinging around like crazy due to the wild winds.

What if it was someone’s late Valentines gift? Now its gone with the wind.. literally.
How sad would that be?

My next thought though, painted a very sweet picture in my mind.

What if it was a same sex couple that just got married? 💟
Fresh bright glow of excitement over their faces. Family, friends came to celebrate outside of the court house with them, releasing a single ballon to symbolize their love and sharing it with the world, finally!
Attached was a small silver box with their written and scribbled vows.

Now I don’t know what exactly happened, and like I said earlier I never seen a single person after I watched the balloon sway away. Still, I sat there watching it and pictured so many scenarios that could be attached to this ballon.

I’ve always fascinated the different kind of feelings that are connected to releasing balloons in the air.

Some do it for the passing of a loved ones.

Others do it in a form of happiness, love, and hope.

Isn’t it weird?
No matter the reason behind it,
It’s a form of release.

A physical release that leaves you feeling refreshed and wholesome.

Anyways, just some things that go on inside my head. LUL
Hope you enjoy!

Have a GREAT day!


Daily Prompt Question

Daily Prompt Question

When is the last time you cried?

The last time I cried was on my dads birthday. I sat down to write in my journal that morning like every morning, (Well almost every morning..)

I had a lot on my mind and wanted to write it out, but not even a dent was made in the page before I closed my journal, turned to my boyfriend, and started crying on his lap.

He comforted me of course. ( He’s really the best ever)

It was a combination of emotions kind of cry. I was sad, sad because of the heart break we have done to each other, and sad that we are both to stubborn to apologize. Touched by flashbacks, good and bad. I felt homesick, wishing I could be there to do something to make his day special. Maybe it would help make up for all those bad memories. I was overwhelmed with emotions over my dads birthday. I do love my dad but our relationship is a weird one. Although, I’m thankful for a fresh start with him, and I’m grateful for our good memories. Those are the ones I will cherish. I hope to make more good memories with him and I hope he had a great Birthday this year!

This is a new thing I am trying to keep me focused on writing and posting everyday.
Daily Prompt Question.

Please, feel free to write your thoughts on the prompt. When is the last time you cried?

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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

As cliché as it is

I hope that this new year brings you so much joy

Happiness, positivity and overall just a good outcome of the year in general.

I hope that this year is the year that really brings out that you you’ve always wanted

Because you deserve it.

You deserve to be happy

To be ecstatic with life.

To be filled with nothing but happiness, love and peace.

This is your time to shine!

This year is about improving YOU!

Enjoy the skin you’re in because YOU ARE AWESOME

Enjoy the skin you’re in because YOU ARE AWESOME

You are one of a kind! Special in your own light.

Everyone shines just as bright. Each different never alike.

If he or anyone can’t see

Truly how extraordinary you can be

Set them free

Live life carefree

Happy as can be, peacefully

Confident and content

With the flesh the heavens sent

For you and me alone

Our body is our home.

My Positive Angels

My Positive Angels

Many things weighing heavily on my mind
overthinking truly is a curse,
negative thoughts flood in
the angels fighting desperately to stop the leaks.
Positive thoughts drowned just as quickly as they arose,
Falling deeper into the overflowing pool that is my mind.
Deeper and deeper now, no angels in sight.
No one can save you from yourself.
No one can save you.