Hey Yall!

Hey Yall!

Sorry I’ve been MIA..

I’ve got some big things going in my life.

I took some much needed time off from work. I was too overwhelmed and focused I had no time to post or write or do anything I enjoyed. All I did was sleep work and eat not health foods. Went through some tough days and needed to take a step back and focus on myself FIRST before anything else, but I’m back home now. The boyfriend and I are looking for a nice apartment somewhere peaceful and quiet to call home. I’m so excited for that, wish us luck!

We are looking into getting new jobs that would be really good for us both!

Things are great, and I have so many reasons to be happy.🥰

Although we have lots to do! Monday is gonna be the beginning of a very busy week!

I’ve made some updates on my website!

I did a few changes on my website be sure to check it out!

Cya soon❤️🌻

What I’ve Been Up To

What I’ve Been Up To

I disappeared again.

Not that you noticed, but if you did.., I’m back!

My writing routine gets thrown off when I get back on the road for work.
I travel all over, mostly driving from place to place to remodel hardware stores. I’m the lead, meaning I run a team, everyone pulling me in different directions, calling my phone 24/7, receiving emails after emails – I feel a lot of pressure at the end of the day, week after week, and all I want is to decompress AKA sleep.
I have missed this. Sitting down to clear my head and creating something for myself is peaceful.
Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to…,
Currently, my boyfriend and I (we both work/travel together, thankfully because this company will room you with a stranger!) Right now, they have us in a small farmers’ town in Indiana. And man, I tell you it is BEAUTIFUL here! I’m from Texas. I’m not used to the calm winds and rain, and it’s SO green! Everywhere looks like a high-class golf course. I’m only an hour away from Chicago, where my best friend since middle school lives. I hadn’t seen her since she moved back to Chicago our freshman year. Things were awkward at first, but I’m so grateful for a friend like her. ❤️

I’ve been super uptight lately and woke up feeling emotional.
I just knew I desperately needed to get on here again. Get my head straight. Talk to me nicely again, treat my mind and soul with peace.
When I blog, I feel at peace. I feel in control. My anxiety isn’t so loud.
I need this.

You will see me soon!


Hello.., Again

Hello.., Again

It’s been too long!

I’ve missed this side of myself. I constantly feel the urge to write or post, but always seem to talk myself out of it.

I travel a bit for work, and when I have down time just sitting in the hotel room, writing always crosses my mind.

Then fear takes over.

“what would I even write about?”

“what if someone looks over my shoulder and laughs at me over what i’m writing?”

“what if I don’t get any views? I probably won’t anyways, I should just go to bed for work tomorrow.”

Creating excuses for myself on why I shouldn’t do what I want to do.

Fear has lead in my life for years, and I’ve never noticed it until it came to my blog.

Writing is my release, it’s like my escape from my head and thoughts so when I wasn’t having that release on top of being trapped in a hotel room just to go to work and back to bed to repeat over again the next day, I kind of went insane.

Not literally insane, but I feel an enormous weight on my chest. Anxiety is through the roof so here I am, AGAIN.

Writing, releasing, finding myself again.

I’ve missed this so much and I want to overcome this fear inside of me. I want to live life fully everyday without my overthinking holding me back.

It feels good to be back!


Introducing a New Weekly Ritual

Introducing a New Weekly Ritual

Good Afternoon,

Today I am very excited to start a new tradition here on Barely A Blog!

Affirmations of the Week!

I’ve found myself relying on positive quotes or affirmations to get me through the days. Writing down positivity and referencing back to it when I feel uncertain helps to keep my inspiration for my blog. I thought it would be a good idea to post weekly positive sayings not only for myself but possibly to help someone else feel good! I have enjoyed writing them down in my journal so much that I’d like to share the positivity with all of you! I hope you are looking forward to the Affirmations of the week posts. I haven’t decided which day of the week just yet I’m pulling towards every monday, but FOR SURE it will be a post you can count on every single week!

What you can gain from Affirmations of the Week!

  • Inspiration
  • Positive Vibes
  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Reassurance
  • Peace
  • Happiness

See you guys on Monday for the very first Affirmations of the week!

Blogs Have Changed My Life

Blogs Have Changed My Life

I had enough with the feeling of being so overwhelmed by emotion. Angry all the time or either so sad at times, there was rarely a time I wasn’t in a mood. Very rare if I was happy. It never lasted long because I would obsess about things I couldn’t control and make myself so upset I’d be short-fused, and standoffish with the ones around me. A trait I continued to carry with me throughout my life. Until I came across blogs, and Self-esteem boosting books that helped me to realize I am not alone in this, and that it’s normal, however not entirely a healthy way to live and I needed to change.
I realized this last year just a few months before the new year 2020.
Lost my way a little again but I’m back now more motivated and more inspired to be better than ever before we’ve got this, Consistency is key!
Right now I’ve been doing a lot of reading and researching tips on staying consistent and motivated for my blog, having a few ideas in the works I’m still moderately new to the writing world I hope you can bare me, and enjoy the journey with me. I hope to create an atmosphere of Peace, Motivation, and a sense of knowing you aren’t alone.
Blogging has taught me to be more open minded and compassionate to not only others but most importantly to myself.
I come first, and this is my therapy.
My happiness, my mental health is what’s most important right now, and if writing for my blog helps then who cares if anyone reads it. I am a goddamn Lifestyle Blogger/Travel Blogger!

Quote I found on Pintrest.
Go Check Out My Quotes Board On Pintrest!



As months go by, along with the many self-esteem boosting books I read.
One year after the next, I reflect.
The girl I used to be. Caged, desperate to be free.
Now lives comfortably
Simply being she just as peaceful as can be
CONFIDENT in the skin individually made for her.
Unique, yet never alike
Finally, she can breathe!

Cold Fall Afternoon

Cold Fall Afternoon

Today the air is cold but its the kind of cold you dream of after a long hot summer. The relief of changing your wardrobe from shorts and tank tops to scarfs and long sleeves. Fall is my favorite time of year, mostly because of my birthday and the holidays but every year around this time I reflect on memories as a little girl; Every day after school I’d go out to the front yard of my parent’s house and play all by myself, id pretend I had powers and the “wind” blowing the loose leaves and branches around was indeed me, probably looking mental to the cars passing by filled with people confused at the sight they just saw; Decades later I lie here in awe of where that little girl has gone, so carefree she used to be.



constantly exhausted, feeling drained
Despite hours slept. It’ll never appear like you’ve had enough.
Is this depression?
Or am I mixed with day and night?
Lately, I’m not feeling myself a little lost inside.
Desperate to find my way back.
Overcome by where to start
Days go by I feel a slightly better
But does the bleeding eternally truly end?
Souls say “Time heals all wounds,”
I can’t say I agree with that.
Time goes by it’s more natural to cope
It will nevermore go away.
Years adding up nevertheless to forget
Learn to let go, help yourself grow.


Hello, i am super nervous and not even sure how to “blog” but here goes nothing. My name is Brittany, but for my insecurities sake i am going to keep my face and most identifiers a secret. I am new to writing and possibly extremely terrible at it. If you’re here i apologize for the cringe you will likely experience as you follow on this journey with me.

All my life i admired people who lived a proper and organized lifestyle. In my eyes this means living in the most cliches way possible. For example, waking up in the mornings with the sun shining in your room. Making the room glow with a peaceful feeling as you stretch out of bed and slip your feet into your perfectly placed slippers that you set the night before in the exact spot your feet land every morning you step out of your silky smooth sheets. Then making my bed and placing all my 100 pillows back to their places on my bed even though only sleeping with one. Heading to the kitchen to make morning cup(s) of coffee that will always be a morning routine until the day i die an i’m sure many others can agree. And finally, grabbing my laptop and coffee, and heading to my desk thats perfectly angled with the enormous window that overlooks the mountains outside my home. Inspiring me to read, write, and just genuinely feeling content an at peace with myself and life. Blogging is apart of that day dream i continuously have had since i was a little girl. I have always dreamed about blogging but always thought it was silly or a waste of time, money, and effort knowing it wouldn’t go anywhere. Until i found myself with tons of free time between traveling for my job and no hobby to occupy my time or mind. Feeling very uneducated and unsatisfied with my current hobbies that included facebook, snapchat, instagram, etc. Maybe occasionally i’d crack open a book but i never read it through fully.

So if your here I really appreciate you! Bare with me as i figure out who i am and how i want my life to go..