Inspired by Buddha

Inspired by Buddha

Recently I bought a notebook with prompts inside and one of them was this quote.

Every morning we are born again. What we do today matters most.


Then says, with this quote in mind, what will you do today that matters?

To be honest I’ve been sitting on this page for awhile. Stuck on what to say to match exactly how it makes me feel.
It really inspires me and when I’m having a rough day it reminds me to live in the present, it motivates me to work on myself harder today, so that tomorrow I feel POWERFUL.

So here’s what I finally wrote to answer the question.

Today I will live life as if it were my last. We all should live like this.
Everyday is a blessing, tomorrow is never guaranteed. If today matters most, let’s make it the best one yet.

We should reach out to our loved ones more let them know they are loved, doing so also helps remind ourselves we are loved and being thought about as well.

Today I want to spend my time laughing and loving my amazing boyfriend. Enjoy each others company, jokes, leaving no time to dwell on anything negative from the past. I will feel my heart & thoughts with confidence and positivity.

I believe that having a good mindset today will help bring you good vibes tomorrow.

Do something to make today special, then keep doing that everyday after.

This quote brings out the best in me. It inspires me to be a better person than I was yesterday. I thought it was to good not to share with everyone. I hope this quote helps bring out the best in you today!


Find Yourself

Find Yourself

What does it mean to find yourself?
To find yourself means to find out the kind of person you are and what you want in life.
So what kind of person am I?
Because I know the person I want to be, and I know what I want in life, but what if the person I want to be isn’t the kind of person I am?
What if I’m lying to myself about being high and mighty when in reality I’m just another wannabe.
What does it mean to find yourself?
To find yourself means to pick a personality trait and mock it till you can rock it, Right?
What does it mean to find yourself?
“Reflect on your past, you’ll find yourself at last.”
They say with smiles that go for miles.
Still, I ask you.
What does it mean to find yourself?

Old Memories

Old Memories

My fondest memory was back when I was a little girl over the moon, excited to be going on a road trip with my parents. We were on the way to my mom’s long lost best friend’s wedding in Giddings, Texas, Just about 8 hours away from Amarillo, my home town. A short drive for most, but as for me, this was my first ever road trip, we stopped more times than expected just for the sightseeing. To a little girl, it was excruciatingly long, but I loved every minute of it.

I can vividly remember watching all the beautiful trees and all kinds of different cars racing by, me sitting in the back seat of my mom’s little car, my dad in the driver’s seat mom in the passenger. I remember seeing a young lady, maybe in her mid-20s, driving along beside us. As she passed, I must have drifted off into a daydream when all I remember is me wishing I could be her or anything like her when I grow up. A beautiful young lady traveling in her very own vehicle to only she knew where she’d end up. Independent, Happy, and free. I pondered what her line of work could be for her to be able to afford to travel on her own. My parents worked so hard all the time but still had so little. They used to tell me all the time, “traveling is a luxury that we can never afford.” As a little girl thinking, “if my parents can’t afford it, how will I ever be able to?”

All I wanted was to travel to see the world. I didn’t get out much in general, but I always knew the answer would be a no before I was even able to finish the sentence. Seeing that young lady sparked something in me that I never realized until I got older. My goal has always been to travel, and to see the world, it wasn’t just a daydream, it was real. I didn’t know it then, but that memory has been the fuel to my fire. The thing I held onto as I grew up to be the exact beautiful, young, hardworking woman I am today, the woman, younger me wanted to be.

Little ole me

Today I have a great job to be blessed with that allows me to travel and make my dreams come true, and I never even realized it. I am so grateful for the opportunities, and beyond blessed to be living the life I have.
This memory means so much to me because when I reflect on how I used to feel about my future as a little girl, I never had any support. When I got up the nerve to share my inspirations with my parents, I’d get hit with why it logically wouldn’t be possible for me, and money was always the roadblock. Yet, despite all the negative, I grew up around, I still managed to reach my dream without having to worry about money as my parents did, and I am grateful for that.

I am one lucky bad ass young lady!

The women I always knew I could be.



I sit and ponder.

My mind slips while I sip.

I dream I’m somebody.

My words have meaning in this daydream.

People see my work and feel connected to it.

I see myself in a pattern.

A routine

The kind only ones with a plan get.

Months pass now I’m still successful.

Still in a routine, just as happy as can be.

But what does this mean?

I must need a routine.

Consistency is key to a content me.

I can be happy, i seen it.

My dream will be my reality.

Bad habits equal fatality.

Determination and motivation

I know who I want to be

I just have to believe in me.

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

As cliché as it is

I hope that this new year brings you so much joy

Happiness, positivity and overall just a good outcome of the year in general.

I hope that this year is the year that really brings out that you you’ve always wanted

Because you deserve it.

You deserve to be happy

To be ecstatic with life.

To be filled with nothing but happiness, love and peace.

This is your time to shine!

This year is about improving YOU!

Please, be patient

Please, be patient

Bright and beautiful mornings are my absolute favorite!
Waking up to his touch on my freshly shaved legs.
His warm skin against mine, I can’t help the smile across my lips.
I watch him sleep for hours so peacefully.
This beautiful man before me
He loves me to the moon and back.
I know that.
He is for me nobody else
I also know he is himself.
Things I can’t control
Just let them go!
He loves me
would never deceive me.
Forgotten kisses things left unsaid
Would be the only neglect I get.
Coffee is going while you are rolling.
Blunts and coffee a ritual for you and me in the morning.
Moutain’s in the distance
along with the sound of downtown Reno.
Proud of how far we have become
Why do I still feel so numb?
Overcome with a ton left to work on
One day I’m on the next not.
You don’t deserve that no one does.
Not even me.
I’m trying
Desperate to be content.
I want to be your heaven-sent.
I can be kind to you
You never were just the dirt on my shoe.
It wasn’t me, but I’m on a journey
To find who haunts my dreams.
The girl I know I can be
Be patient
Someday I’ll get it.

Enjoy the skin you’re in because YOU ARE AWESOME

Enjoy the skin you’re in because YOU ARE AWESOME

You are one of a kind! Special in your own light.

Everyone shines just as bright. Each different never alike.

If he or anyone can’t see

Truly how extraordinary you can be

Set them free

Live life carefree

Happy as can be, peacefully

Confident and content

With the flesh the heavens sent

For you and me alone

Our body is our home.



Lately my minds a mess. Full of questions I guess?

How confident can one girl be?

In her own skin… It tingles as the cradled heart sings.

I don’t dress to the tune of others opinions anymore.

The melody within me shifted streams, she flows so gently.

All the positive vibes i’ve never felt so alive.

I’ve been dealing with MAJOR self-esteem problems lately. Having confidence in yourself is a really difficult process that a lot of people go through. I have made progress slowly but surely I will be able to enjoy the skin Im in. You can never expect to make others happy if you aren’t happy with YOU first!

Book That Has Helped Me Tremendously

Reading the first couple chapters of this book really opened my eyes on what confidence truly means, and how important it is to be nice to your self because YOU are always listening! I haven’t finished yet and im excited to document my progress through my blog.

Stay tuned for My self-confidence workbook updates!!

Hope you Enjoy! Check out my cheesy new website! Have an Awesome day!

xoxo -Brittany<3

Cold Fall Afternoon

Cold Fall Afternoon

Today the air is cold but its the kind of cold you dream of after a long hot summer. The relief of changing your wardrobe from shorts and tank tops to scarfs and long sleeves. Fall is my favorite time of year, mostly because of my birthday and the holidays but every year around this time I reflect on memories as a little girl; Every day after school I’d go out to the front yard of my parent’s house and play all by myself, id pretend I had powers and the “wind” blowing the loose leaves and branches around was indeed me, probably looking mental to the cars passing by filled with people confused at the sight they just saw; Decades later I lie here in awe of where that little girl has gone, so carefree she used to be.



constantly exhausted, feeling drained
Despite hours slept. It’ll never appear like you’ve had enough.
Is this depression?
Or am I mixed with day and night?
Lately, I’m not feeling myself a little lost inside.
Desperate to find my way back.
Overcome by where to start
Days go by I feel a slightly better
But does the bleeding eternally truly end?
Souls say “Time heals all wounds,”
I can’t say I agree with that.
Time goes by it’s more natural to cope
It will nevermore go away.
Years adding up nevertheless to forget
Learn to let go, help yourself grow.