Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

As cliché as it is

I hope that this new year brings you so much joy

Happiness, positivity and overall just a good outcome of the year in general.

I hope that this year is the year that really brings out that you you’ve always wanted

Because you deserve it.

You deserve to be happy

To be ecstatic with life.

To be filled with nothing but happiness, love and peace.

This is your time to shine!

This year is about improving YOU!

Please, be patient

Please, be patient

Bright and beautiful mornings are my absolute favorite!
Waking up to his touch on my freshly shaved legs.
His warm skin against mine, I can’t help the smile across my lips.
I watch him sleep for hours so peacefully.
This beautiful man before me
He loves me to the moon and back.
I know that.
He is for me nobody else
I also know he is himself.
Things I can’t control
Just let them go!
He loves me
would never deceive me.
Forgotten kisses things left unsaid
Would be the only neglect I get.
Coffee is going while you are rolling.
Blunts and coffee a ritual for you and me in the morning.
Moutain’s in the distance
along with the sound of downtown Reno.
Proud of how far we have become
Why do I still feel so numb?
Overcome with a ton left to work on
One day I’m on the next not.
You don’t deserve that no one does.
Not even me.
I’m trying
Desperate to be content.
I want to be your heaven-sent.
I can be kind to you
You never were just the dirt on my shoe.
It wasn’t me, but I’m on a journey
To find who haunts my dreams.
The girl I know I can be
Be patient
Someday I’ll get it.

Enjoy the skin you’re in because YOU ARE AWESOME

Enjoy the skin you’re in because YOU ARE AWESOME

You are one of a kind! Special in your own light.

Everyone shines just as bright. Each different never alike.

If he or anyone can’t see

Truly how extraordinary you can be

Set them free

Live life carefree

Happy as can be, peacefully

Confident and content

With the flesh the heavens sent

For you and me alone

Our body is our home.



Lately my minds a mess. Full of questions I guess?

How confident can one girl be?

In her own skin… It tingles as the cradled heart sings.

I don’t dress to the tune of others opinions anymore.

The melody within me shifted streams, she flows so gently.

All the positive vibes i’ve never felt so alive.

I’ve been dealing with MAJOR self-esteem problems lately. Having confidence in yourself is a really difficult process that a lot of people go through. I have made progress slowly but surely I will be able to enjoy the skin Im in. You can never expect to make others happy if you aren’t happy with YOU first!

Book That Has Helped Me Tremendously

Reading the first couple chapters of this book really opened my eyes on what confidence truly means, and how important it is to be nice to your self because YOU are always listening! I haven’t finished yet and im excited to document my progress through my blog.

Stay tuned for My self-confidence workbook updates!!

Hope you Enjoy! Check out my cheesy new website! Have an Awesome day!

xoxo -Brittany<3


Hello, i am super nervous and not even sure how to “blog” but here goes nothing. My name is Brittany, but for my insecurities sake i am going to keep my face and most identifiers a secret. I am new to writing and possibly extremely terrible at it. If you’re here i apologize for the cringe you will likely experience as you follow on this journey with me.

All my life i admired people who lived a proper and organized lifestyle. In my eyes this means living in the most cliches way possible. For example, waking up in the mornings with the sun shining in your room. Making the room glow with a peaceful feeling as you stretch out of bed and slip your feet into your perfectly placed slippers that you set the night before in the exact spot your feet land every morning you step out of your silky smooth sheets. Then making my bed and placing all my 100 pillows back to their places on my bed even though only sleeping with one. Heading to the kitchen to make morning cup(s) of coffee that will always be a morning routine until the day i die an i’m sure many others can agree. And finally, grabbing my laptop and coffee, and heading to my desk thats perfectly angled with the enormous window that overlooks the mountains outside my home. Inspiring me to read, write, and just genuinely feeling content an at peace with myself and life. Blogging is apart of that day dream i continuously have had since i was a little girl. I have always dreamed about blogging but always thought it was silly or a waste of time, money, and effort knowing it wouldn’t go anywhere. Until i found myself with tons of free time between traveling for my job and no hobby to occupy my time or mind. Feeling very uneducated and unsatisfied with my current hobbies that included facebook, snapchat, instagram, etc. Maybe occasionally i’d crack open a book but i never read it through fully.

So if your here I really appreciate you! Bare with me as i figure out who i am and how i want my life to go..