Present Books, More Books, Future Books

Present Books, More Books, Future Books

I would like to read many books in this life. I’m working on my reading skills and working on my discipline to keep at reading everyday. I love to read and that feeling you get when your getting into the story, and you just can’t put it down! It’s my absolute favorite. I like to read thrillers, murder mysteries, ghost stories… real cliff hanger kind of books. I also like to read some self help books as well. I like to write down the things I feel important while reading self help books, almost like research for my days when I need a reminder on what really matters in life, and in my head. I’m new to reading so I don’t know very much about any of the GOOD stuff to read or who any of the authors are but I hope to get more books under my belt this year. I wish there was an easier way to read books. That way maybe it would be possible to read every-book in the world before you die. Hopefully we can still read when we are dead.

The current book I am reading is a book my boyfriend got for me on my birthday ❤

It’s called: The Edge of Lost by Kristina McMorris

So far is in the late 1970s and a young lad has dreams of going to America to perform… That’s all I’ll say for now. But still, so far so good!

A book I’d like to try is a workbook type of book. I bought it a few months back and I had hope to do it on my blog someday, when I get up the courage… Anyway,

It’s an interactive book about confidence. I’ve wrote about it before when I first started my blog. When I thought I was gonna keep myself a secret..,(LUL) but I get discouraged when I open up the pages and start to begin, not ready to come out of my shell yet..

But someday hopefully soon! I’ll share my journey on how to work through it.

The book/ workbook is called:

Books to read this year!

Books to read this year

Here is little list I got off my board from Pinterest of books I really want to purchase and read for the new year 2021!

  • Read This If by The Thought Catalog
  • The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James
  • The Secret Life of The Mind by Mariano Sigman
  • Note to Self by Connor Franta
  • How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can by Amy B. Scher
  • The Shallows by Nicholas Carr
  • Awakening the Soul by Michael Meade

Reading is great! An escape from reality. A vivid picture inside your head changing like magic as fast as the words skip for the next and on.
Self help books bring in some wisdom from others who have gone through it and came out stronger. Books , reading books an amazing gift not everyone enjoys. What a shame it is.. to know that their are people out there who have never nor care to read a book ever in their life. Tragic!
Why would anybody deny imagination.

Also please give me good book recommendations to add to my list!

I hope you enjoyed this post today! I’m SO proud of myself for posting everyday last week. I plan to do the same this week as well.


Why You Should Read More Books

Why You Should Read More Books

Read to Stimulate Your Brain

Did you know that reading regularly helps in preventing Alzheimer’s and Dementia? Mental stimulation keeps the brain active and engaged. Just like working out your muscles in your body, your brain needs exercise to stay healthy and strong.

Reading Reduces Stress

Getting lost in a book can take all your worries away. Allowing yourself the time and attention to be able to get lost in a remarkably good story can be very relaxing and beneficial in many ways. For example, reading reduces your heart rate, which keeps the stress levels low.

Improves Memory

Reading stimulates our brains, which then creates connections between neurons that are called Synapses. During the process of synapses, your brain receives new memories and strengthens the existing ones. The more frequently you read, the better your mind gets at remembering and retaining all the new knowledge.

Improves Focus and Concentration

Reading helps train your intrusive thoughts a little discipline. To fully comprehend and absorb what you are reading requires 100% of your focus and attention. As you begin to focus, you can tune out any distractions happening around you, strengthening your attention span and increasing your concentration toward other aspects of life, not just reading.

Expands Vocabulary

Reading one book doesn’t impact your vocabulary overnight. It’s the consistency of reading and the exposure to words that help the definition to stick in our brains. Like exercise, you can’t expect results if we quit and give up. Reading daily works out the brain, and gets it prepared for new information to memorize, and store away for when the information is needed.

Reading Makes You Smarter

Having a consistent reading habit increases different types of intelligence in your brain. For example, Crystallized Intelligence, knowing and understanding literal facts, figures, and data.

Many books have in-depth knowledge on a variety of topics, subjects, and inventions. The more you read, the more information your brain stores.

Other examples include:
Fluid Intelligence-the ability to problem-solve, detect a pattern.
Emotional Intelligence-the ability to feel emotions and make connections to those feelings

Reading Improves Your Imagination & Creativity

When getting lost in a good book, your entire being gets teleport-ed to another realm. You experience the things happening in your reading as if it were your new life, new friends, new places, new experiences, and new lessons learned by new fresher broken hearts. Reading opens your eyes to all kinds of possibilities. When you read, you work out your imagination, increasing creativity.