Lately I’ve been feeling blank.

Nobody’s home but

you can see a light is on.

Did you hear that!?

Endless days of war,

Tole to tole with head.

Good against evil

Today wasn’t good

Tomorrow will be better…

It wasn’t.

Inspired by Buddha

Inspired by Buddha

Recently I bought a notebook with prompts inside and one of them was this quote.

Every morning we are born again. What we do today matters most.


Then says, with this quote in mind, what will you do today that matters?

To be honest I’ve been sitting on this page for awhile. Stuck on what to say to match exactly how it makes me feel.
It really inspires me and when I’m having a rough day it reminds me to live in the present, it motivates me to work on myself harder today, so that tomorrow I feel POWERFUL.

So here’s what I finally wrote to answer the question.

Today I will live life as if it were my last. We all should live like this.
Everyday is a blessing, tomorrow is never guaranteed. If today matters most, let’s make it the best one yet.

We should reach out to our loved ones more let them know they are loved, doing so also helps remind ourselves we are loved and being thought about as well.

Today I want to spend my time laughing and loving my amazing boyfriend. Enjoy each others company, jokes, leaving no time to dwell on anything negative from the past. I will feel my heart & thoughts with confidence and positivity.

I believe that having a good mindset today will help bring you good vibes tomorrow.

Do something to make today special, then keep doing that everyday after.

This quote brings out the best in me. It inspires me to be a better person than I was yesterday. I thought it was to good not to share with everyone. I hope this quote helps bring out the best in you today!


Have You Experienced Trauma Before?

Have You Experienced Trauma Before?

What is trauma?

Trauma is the response to an overwhelmingly negative event that can cause people to lose their sense of self and values.

Google Definition.

a deeply distressing/disturbing experience,
Emotional shock following a stressful event or physical injury.

Experiences with trauma, you may have:

  • Kept Secrets
  • Grown-up too fast
  • Been mature for your age
  • Learned how to sense danger
  • Engaging in self-destructive behavior
  • Not trusted people
  • Learned to pretend that you are okay when you weren’t
  • Put your feelings aside because you need to focus on surviving.
  • Experienced emotional outbursts