What I’ve Been Up To

What I’ve Been Up To

I disappeared again.

Not that you noticed, but if you did.., I’m back!

My writing routine gets thrown off when I get back on the road for work.
I travel all over, mostly driving from place to place to remodel hardware stores. I’m the lead, meaning I run a team, everyone pulling me in different directions, calling my phone 24/7, receiving emails after emails – I feel a lot of pressure at the end of the day, week after week, and all I want is to decompress AKA sleep.
I have missed this. Sitting down to clear my head and creating something for myself is peaceful.
Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to…,
Currently, my boyfriend and I (we both work/travel together, thankfully because this company will room you with a stranger!) Right now, they have us in a small farmers’ town in Indiana. And man, I tell you it is BEAUTIFUL here! I’m from Texas. I’m not used to the calm winds and rain, and it’s SO green! Everywhere looks like a high-class golf course. I’m only an hour away from Chicago, where my best friend since middle school lives. I hadn’t seen her since she moved back to Chicago our freshman year. Things were awkward at first, but I’m so grateful for a friend like her. ❤️

I’ve been super uptight lately and woke up feeling emotional.
I just knew I desperately needed to get on here again. Get my head straight. Talk to me nicely again, treat my mind and soul with peace.
When I blog, I feel at peace. I feel in control. My anxiety isn’t so loud.
I need this.

You will see me soon!


I know

I know

It’s a new month


I feel like nothings changed

Although I know that’s a lie.

I know I’ve made progress

And I won’t stop

This year I know

I’ll try harder than the last.



STOP & Correct Unwanted Emotions

STOP & Correct Unwanted Emotions

This post was inspired by a pin on Pinterest created by: Natalie Brite

Recently I came across a post with very interesting ideas on ways to learn from and correct the unwanted negative emotions we all sometimes feel. Almost every self-help book I’ve read so far talks about how it’s important to replace your intrusive thoughts with a positive one, but none of these books actually tell me how to..

I’m hoping this will help to put a more visual picture on how to process the emotions and correct them in a more positive & non-judge mental way.

When I Feel:







Not Enough

I Will:

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths and bring attention to what I’m judging my worth on.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths and focus on things that make me feel fulfilled.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths and work through weather it’s valid or just ego.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths and search for the trigger and reason why it triggered me.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths, notice what is luring me away from the present, and bring attention back to the now.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths and bring attention to how I can fully accept and see myself.

Sit with the feeling, take a few deep breaths & call in a new perspective that allows me to see all the abundance within and around me now.

Replacing a negative thought with a positive will always be easier said than done but I hope that putting a little more detail behind how to react accordingly helps out.

Thank you for reading.
Enjoy today, Have a blessed week!

-Brittany 🌻❤️

Art of Dreams

Art of Dreams

Good Morning!

Did you dream lastnight?

When we lay our heads down to rest for the night,

Does your mind take you to a place of tranquility?

Do you have nightmares? Visions so scary you may never want to sleep again.

Do you dream about lovers? Past an present both alike for only one thing in common. You

When the sun rises and the birds awake, do you remember your dreams? Do you wirte them down? Do you share with others your experience?

Why do we forget our dreams? How do we train our mind to remember them as they pass and onto the other?

A dream is entertainment for the relaxing mind. Remembering a dream gets more rare as i get older in life, but when i do remember i charish it as if it were my very last.

Daily Prompt Question: What is your favorite type of music?

Daily Prompt Question: What is your favorite type of music?

This post is inspired by Daily Prompt Question!

What is your favorite type of music?

I like any kind of music, but I do have a specific type of style I like listening to. My favorite music is any kind of peaceful beats. Any beat that I can dance with and write in my journal too are the kinds of songs I mostly listen to now days.

When I was in high school I listened to rap, R&B, Pop, I still sing along if they happen to come on my shuffle but mostly grew out of that phase in my life. Before that I used to listen to country as a little girl with my dad, and rock with my mom. This was before I knew of any other kinds of music to explore, and I would just catch on to the music my parents listened to. I have Apple Music so when I’m reading or writing I usually play the focus playlist and I love everything that comes on. How could you not like the peaceful sounds of instruments harmonizing?

For days when I want something more upbeat and positive I listen to the Chill Mix my profile has created for me. It updates every Sunday with really cool chill vibes from new and growing artists. If I do happen to listen to actual songs instead of chill mixes and beats. I like my music to tell a story, and who can resist a beautiful voice? I also like to find rare/ not yet discovered artists, for that I use the Apple Music playlist New Music Daily. Honestly like any kind of music with good vibes and cool beats. I play around with Apple Music browse section a lot, because I pay for it every month might as well.. Right?

Please, feel free to write your thoughts on the prompt. What is your favorite type of music?

Leave a comment or email your response to: barelyablog1@gmail.com

Thank you for stopping by! I hope to read your responses. Share this post with others!


Just Write

Just Write

I have this constant hunger inside. The urge to write it always there. For reasons unknown, I ignore my gut. Could it be the doubt inside telling me my art isn’t good enough?

There are so many things to write about. Endless topics that still need to be researched and shared with the world!

Yet, there I am, constantly at war with my intrusive thoughts. They tell me, “it won’t be any good so why even waste your time?”

Like a fool, I listen.

I glance at my notebook, my laptop, I could write something breathtaking but I don’t.

Just write!

It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t ever read it.

Just write for YOU Brittany!

Nobody in this entire world, even the ones closest to you, will EVER look at you with shame because I aspire to be a writer.

Just write Brittany.

Get it all out!

You know it’ll make you feel better. Overcome your fear!


( A letter to myself)



Trapped Inside

Trapped Inside

I feel like a cry

I need a good scream.

The kind you’d hike up a mountain for,

Be careful not to slip.

I crave a release

An escape from the devil inside.

If you dive deep enough, do you think we can drain him out?

The river flows,

Poisoned.. contaminated.

“If you were gone imagine how much better you’d feel”

The water runs black, no end insight.

I can’t ever remember a time when the river ran clear.

Filthy with toxins, hate, and insecurities.

I went for a swim and never made it out.




Nobody to blame for my own insanity but me.

Locked inside my very own hell.

My head.

How do I get out?

How can I make it stop?

The current is so strong,

I know.. it’s wrong but the river, it’s just to strong!

I’m trapped inside.

The real me.

The one with hopes, and dreams.

She’s drowning.

Trapped by the blackened river.

Nobody can help her,

Only I can help myself.

The journey to the end begins.

Stop being trapped inside!

I am Full of Gratitude

I am Full of Gratitude

Today I woke up to the soothing feeling of my air conditioner, next to my love, I am full of gratitude.
I made my bed mindfully, something I learned from reading.
A book that has opened my eyes, on how to be mindful, minus all the lies
For that, I am full of gratitude.
I sat down, relaxed, I am blessed, truly feel blessed.
I imagine what happiness looks like
my mind paints a picture.
Wildflowers, lilies, roses
Miles and miles,
Sunflowers, tulips, daisies, colors all enraging.
No end in sight, no need to take flight
Happiness is home
a field full of flowers.
and because of that,
I am full of gratitude.

Find Yourself

Find Yourself

What does it mean to find yourself?
To find yourself means to find out the kind of person you are and what you want in life.
So what kind of person am I?
Because I know the person I want to be, and I know what I want in life, but what if the person I want to be isn’t the kind of person I am?
What if I’m lying to myself about being high and mighty when in reality I’m just another wannabe.
What does it mean to find yourself?
To find yourself means to pick a personality trait and mock it till you can rock it, Right?
What does it mean to find yourself?
“Reflect on your past, you’ll find yourself at last.”
They say with smiles that go for miles.
Still, I ask you.
What does it mean to find yourself?