Mental Health Check!

Mental Health Check!

Let’s check on ourselves today.

Sometimes we all get into a funk.

It’s that feeling of disconnect from nearly everything around you.
Are you feeling depressed lately? Overwhelmed, Anxious?

It’s okay that we feel like that sometimes…,

As long as we don’t let the feeling grow and develop and we correct the issue NOW!
In the moment of discomfort, because if we wait for the “right time,” we’ll be waiting forever.

Even if you’re not in a mood, it’s healthy to check in with yourself every once in a while to see where your mind is at., Or if you need to work on some areas in your life.

Mental Health is important, and too many people ignore their unwanted emotions and to bottle up their feelings.
NONE of which are healthy!

All you have to do is take a few moments to yourself.
Find a nice quiet place and take a few deep breaths in and out.

Once your relaxed, ask yourself these questions:

  • How am I feeling?
    (Physically & Mentally)
  • When did I last eat a whole meal?
  • When did I last drink water?
  • How long have I spent on my phone today?
  • When did I last breathe deeply?
  • When did I last talk to someone about my feelings?
  • When did I last go outside?
  • What can I celebrate today?
  • When did I last take a shower?
    (or bath)
  • What is taking up most of my headspace?
  • Am I tired?
  • What can I do that will bring me joy?
  • When did I last do a kind thing for someone else?
  • What kind of mantras should I meditate on today?

After each question, continue to have deep breaths (in and out) and be true to yourself. Write them down if needed.

The point of this exercise is to become more intune with your mind, spirit, and body.
I hope this helps! Use it as often as needed.

Tips for taking that first step

Tips for taking that first step


Lately, I’ve been struggling with consistency.

It’s hard for me to get into a routine that I desperately need, and when I’ve failed to do the things I wanted. I notice myself start to get overwhelmed, and anxious. I start to lose patience with things and the people around me.

A while ago I bought a mental health magazine that I’ve just got around to reading, and it has a lot of good tips and tricks on ways to understand and correct unwanted feelings and emotions.

Along this journey, they talk about how rewarding it can be to analyzing yourself, asking yourself questions, and giving yourself time to think of what you TRULY want. Write down your response so you can see what your intentions are.

So let’s try this!

  • Acknowledge the change: What is it about your job/life that you want to change?  Why does it feel important that you need to do it sooner rather than later?
  • Make concrete plans: Think about concrete, achievable objectives you can start working toward to achieve that change.
  • Look at the facts: When you’re overthinking, breathe and stick to the facts. Try not to let your emotions take over.
  • Remember who you are: You’re not the voice you might sometimes hear in your head telling you that “you can’t do it” or ” you’re not good enough.” Challenge that voice every time it speaks.
  • Look back, but not with regret: While moving forward in life only look back to see how far you’ve come and congratulate yourself up if things don’t work out-circumstances change there are myriad versions of success.

Hopefully this will help!


Life Update! | New House, Birthday & Tattoos ? |

Life Update! | New House, Birthday & Tattoos ? |

Hello again…

I really have to stop disappearing, but this time it was for something good! I swear!🥺
Pls let me explain.

In one of my posts a while back a wrote about how we (me and my boyfriend) are moving back to our home town in Texas.

We made it, things have been GREAT! It’s been so good to see everyone again.

BUT the reason I was gone for a while was because we had been working on renovating our home!!
Getting things finished and move-in ready took longer than we expected…

It had originally started with refurbishing our hardwood floors.


Then after the floors, we got ambitious..

I just wanted to sand and repaint the cabinets in our kitchen, but it needed some serious lovin’ to the whole kitchen.
So we decided to tackle it!

Here are the before and after pictures.


Can you see why it took longer than expected! 😂
Not to mention it’s been a steady 98-102 degrees here on top of all this work we were doing in such a short time.

Thankfully things are perfect. I am SO blessed and beyond grateful!

We finished just in time for my birthday got moved in, and my childhood BEST FRIEND from the 6th grade flew out from Chicago to help me decorate, and to celebrate my 24th birthday this year!
Things couldn’t have worked out better❤️
Happy Birthday to me! (Sept 12)
For her visit, we went to get tattoos as something special to do for my birthday!

DUH! Great idea.
I got my favorite animal!

I fell in love! I needed more.

So today…
I got this!

I found it on Pinterest a while ago but never actually thought I’d have the guts to do it.

Let me just say I’m SO glad I did!

I’m completely obsessed.

I feel new confidence inside myself. I feel proud to have stepped out of my comfort zone, and wear my heart on my sleeve…
Literally. 😂

Anyways I thank you for stopping by to listen.

Thank you to my 200 followers! I appreciate the shit out of you!

Your support means the world to me!


Your trauma is valid

Your trauma is valid

No matter what ANYONE says,

Your trauma is still valid even if:

  • You never told anyone
  • You can’t remember all of it
  • It happened a long time ago
  • People didn’t believe you
  • You are feeling better now
  • It didn’t develop into PTSD
  • Your life wasn’t threatened
  • You know people who have been through “worse”
  • You didn’t realize it was a traumatic until later on

You never know what others could be going through.
YOU are never alone!