Random Prompt Question: Are you lucky?


Welcome to my Random Prompt Question.

I had done this a while back, but I got burnt out..

Probably because I stressed myself out trying to do them daily.
Anyways I wanna try again but i’ll pace myself this go around.

Today’s question is:

Are you lucky; how so or not so?

I like to think that l am a lucky girl. For starters, I have the best people in my life. And amazing people who I have grown out of, and that’s okay. Things happen, but I’m still grateful for them, Past and present friends. My family, my sweet future husband/best boyfriend ever.

I also feel lucky for my job. This company has done so much for me. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world I never knew was out there. I’m just lucky enough to have the opportunity to get to travel and work on the road but still explore and find myself.

Now I have been to a casino a few too many times and lost more than I care to admit so, I’m not THAT lucky!

Still though, all jokes aside I am a very lucky, very blessed.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I’ll see you soon with another!

Please, feel free to write your thoughts on the prompt. Are you lucky; how so or not so?

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