My Goals for the New Year

My Goals for the New Year

As 2021 comes to a bitter-sweet end. I hope we can all take a few days to rest, and reflect on how blessed we are to see another year.

I wanted to say first before anything. Thank you for being here with me! It’s been a beautiful year and a half with you all, THANK YOU. I’ll be forever grateful for my blog. I’m so glad I started my page, and I’m able to grow with yall and document my journey!

It only gets better as the years go by and for 2022 I wanted to list a few things I’d like to manifest/work on.

I’m interested to hear some of your Goals for the new year as well.

Here are my Goals for the New Year:

  • Keep working on having a positive mindset.
  • Practice more yoga and meditation.
  • Read more books
  • Exercise 3-6 times a week.
  • Cook more.
  • Take more risks
  • Hike.
  • Take Pictures.
  • Speak nicer to myself.
  • Be more compassionate.
  • More confident.
  • Self-care more.
  • Say “I love you” more, to myself and loved ones.
  • Come out of my shell.
  • Write more.
  • Give to others.

2022 will bring positivity and new opportunities.

I hope you all enjoy your holidays, Stay safe!
Thank you for being here.


Random Prompt Question: Are you lucky?


Welcome to my Random Prompt Question.

I had done this a while back, but I got burnt out..

Probably because I stressed myself out trying to do them daily.
Anyways I wanna try again but i’ll pace myself this go around.

Today’s question is:

Are you lucky; how so or not so?

I like to think that l am a lucky girl. For starters, I have the best people in my life. And amazing people who I have grown out of, and that’s okay. Things happen, but I’m still grateful for them, Past and present friends. My family, my sweet future husband/best boyfriend ever.

I also feel lucky for my job. This company has done so much for me. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world I never knew was out there. I’m just lucky enough to have the opportunity to get to travel and work on the road but still explore and find myself.

Now I have been to a casino a few too many times and lost more than I care to admit so, I’m not THAT lucky!

Still though, all jokes aside I am a very lucky, very blessed.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I’ll see you soon with another!

Please, feel free to write your thoughts on the prompt. Are you lucky; how so or not so?

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Let’s get 🎶PERSONAL🎶

Let’s get 🎶PERSONAL🎶


Happy Tuesday.

I wanted to share some personal news with you guys if y’all are interested.

I’m back to work for at least the next two months, but of course, we get to go home for holidays. (minus Halloween)

They have us in Colorado, which I’m very excited about- If you know me, you know I vibe with the mountains, and I’ll always be a sucker for the cold. I love it❤️

I’ve talked a little about my job before, but I travel often. We go around to different hardware stores and rearrange the layout of the aisles and merchandise. It’s a lot of work, and most projects last a good 2-3 months per store. It’s a pretty tough job, we work the graveyard shift with maybe two days off if you’re lucky, but I’ve been doing this for four years now, going on 5.

I love my job! I do, it pays well, and I get to see the world with my hubby.🥰


Working month after month turns into years, and just like that, in a blink of an eye, you’ve worked for three years straight with no time home besides Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It took a toll on my body and my mental, I desperately needed a break, so hubby and I took the month of September off, and I feel good and ready to come back with a fresh and determined mindset.

I am determined because I don’t want to disappear on you guys again like I always seem to do when I’m on the road working. I want to keep up with my blog posts, and keep interacting with the readers’ section. You guys are so talented 🥲

I WILL still be here!

The new plan is to work for a few months steady and have a month off.
That seemed to really help me keep a balance between my job and my mind.

I hope you guys have a great day!
Thank you for reading this nonsense, and THANK YOU for the support.
All your likes, follows, comments, DONATIONS!! (I can’t believe it, still)
I appreciate it very much ❤️

Have a blessed week!


Hey Yall!

Hey Yall!

Sorry I’ve been MIA..

I’ve got some big things going in my life.

I took some much needed time off from work. I was too overwhelmed and focused I had no time to post or write or do anything I enjoyed. All I did was sleep work and eat not health foods. Went through some tough days and needed to take a step back and focus on myself FIRST before anything else, but I’m back home now. The boyfriend and I are looking for a nice apartment somewhere peaceful and quiet to call home. I’m so excited for that, wish us luck!

We are looking into getting new jobs that would be really good for us both!

Things are great, and I have so many reasons to be happy.🥰

Although we have lots to do! Monday is gonna be the beginning of a very busy week!

I’ve made some updates on my website!

I did a few changes on my website be sure to check it out!

Cya soon❤️🌻

White Noise

White Noise

I love the sound of the wind

struggling in the window as we drive down the highway.

Its loud, yes and some people might even think its annoying

but me, no

I think it’s calming, like white noise in the background

Like rain on a tin roof

rain in general

so soothing

like white noise

the smell is so calming.

The world is a beautiful place

I’m so sorry I couldn’t see it before..

Daily Prompt Question: How often do you walk or run?

Daily Prompt Question: How often do you walk or run?

I love to go for walks. I don’t go as often as I’d like.

When I lived in Reno NV, I sure wish I would had done more.
I tried to run for a bit, but I get way too tired to be trying to run anywhere for fun.
Although, I do love the feeling it gives off when taking a calming stroll.

In Reno, I’d take off walking for hours!
One time, I found the cutest little hidden coffee shop! I had to check it out so I got myself a coffee, and sat down outside to journal/read a little. Across the street was an old man with his harmonica playing away for everyone walking by. It was beautiful!

I also love watching the animals while taking walks. All the birds, ducks, dogs just doing their things, enjoying life without a care in the world.
When I go for walks I feel the world stop. Things slow down, and I can positively reflect on things around me without judgment. My heart feels whole.❤️ Walking helps me clear my mind when I’m stuck inside my head overthinking myself to death. I’m more grateful and aware of my blessings.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I’ll see you soon with another!

Please, feel free to write your thoughts on the prompt. How often do you walk or run?

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I’ve been slacking…kinda?

I’ve been slacking…kinda?

Well guys…
I moved back to Texas.

Sorry I’ve been away.

I originally was gonna take a week to give myself time to get settled and see the family without any extra stress on myself. One week turned into two..? How’d that happen?

Coming back felt pretty good. It’s nice to be back in familiar places, where you know the roads by heart. It was refreshing to see everyone too I missed my momma. ❤️ The week went by we got settled in, relaxed,socially drained. Then the next week came and still feeling drained/unmotivated to write something worth posting for my blog.

Although I’m proud that I kept writing in my journal, so technically I didn’t fail my goal to write everyday right?

To be real though, I feel setting my very first goal ever to writing everyday is a little hard on myself so the fact that I’m actually writing more than I ever have last year is progress enough.
Good Job Brittany❤️🌻

I need to remember it’s important to reward yourself for any progress made! Baby Steps

Anyways I am excited to bring you more positive vibes posts very soon!


I know

I know

It’s a new month


I feel like nothings changed

Although I know that’s a lie.

I know I’ve made progress

And I won’t stop

This year I know

I’ll try harder than the last.





Lately I’ve been feeling blank.

Nobody’s home but

you can see a light is on.

Did you hear that!?

Endless days of war,

Tole to tole with head.

Good against evil

Today wasn’t good

Tomorrow will be better…

It wasn’t.

Goodbye Balloon

Goodbye Balloon

Yesterday something caught me eye and I couldn’t help but to write about it.

I live right across the street from a courthouse. I see all kinds of crazy’s walking by, angry people yelling, there’re are a few bars down the block, so usually the courthouse parking lot is free parking on the weekends. I see all kinds of characters, but yesterday was different.

I never seen a single person though I happened to turn to look out my window at the perfect moment.

Someone had released a balloon. 🎈
It was rainbow colored and shaped like a heart. It didn’t have any writing that I could see on it but I did notice something small like a little box was attached to the end of the balloons string.

My first thought was that something valuable could be in the small box attached to the string that is now swinging around like crazy due to the wild winds.

What if it was someone’s late Valentines gift? Now its gone with the wind.. literally.
How sad would that be?

My next thought though, painted a very sweet picture in my mind.

What if it was a same sex couple that just got married? 💟
Fresh bright glow of excitement over their faces. Family, friends came to celebrate outside of the court house with them, releasing a single ballon to symbolize their love and sharing it with the world, finally!
Attached was a small silver box with their written and scribbled vows.

Now I don’t know what exactly happened, and like I said earlier I never seen a single person after I watched the balloon sway away. Still, I sat there watching it and pictured so many scenarios that could be attached to this ballon.

I’ve always fascinated the different kind of feelings that are connected to releasing balloons in the air.

Some do it for the passing of a loved ones.

Others do it in a form of happiness, love, and hope.

Isn’t it weird?
No matter the reason behind it,
It’s a form of release.

A physical release that leaves you feeling refreshed and wholesome.

Anyways, just some things that go on inside my head. LUL
Hope you enjoy!

Have a GREAT day!